Indian Noni Juice


  • Salveo Andaman Noni is a highly effective NATURAL ANTIOXIDANT
    for your immune system.
  • Maintains a healthy immune resistance and a long term cell protection
    of human body.

Key Benefits of Salveo Andaman Noni:

Short-term benefits:

  • Andaman Noni maintains the resistance against infection.
  • It replaces the vitamin C which gets lost during cold.
  • Energy booster
  • Helps in digestion, clearing of bowels and removes gastric ailments.


  • Increases the body’s level of protective substances for long term cell protection.
  • Immunity Builder
  • Controls cholesterol
  • Highly effective pain relieving agent

(All these benefits are proven, only after the process is backed by multiple clinical trials)

Let us take a glance at the present scenario of the health conditions of India. India is spending only 3.9% of its GDP on public health care fund, as per the 2011 statistics of World Health Organization. This is a, however, comparatively less investment than that of many other countries. As it has been reflected by the organization, that Proper environmental management is an integral factor that can reduce the percentage of the diseases and ailments. Each year, the country witnesses 13 million deaths due to the lack of proper environmental safety measures. With the escalation of population surpassing more than 1.28 billion, the country is suffering a sharp dearth in all resources. To accommodate this immensely exploding population, India is falling short of cultivable lands. Agriculture, being the prime source of livelihood, is facing a vivid set back in the middle of technological advancements.

Not only so, the constant increase in the rate of pollution has contaminated both food and water. Our diet, today, is filled with artificial colors and preservatives which are slow poisoning our system leading to severe health hazards. Every alternate citizen is inflicted with life threatening chronic and acute ailments. Added to that, an inconsistent lifestyle, crashing food habits, lack of exercise and erratic work schedule are contributing to damage our innate immunity jeopardizing our cell and tissue growth. Although, we are finding quick remedy with the mainstream allopathic medicine but they are seemingly a temporal solution.

Further researches on the health industry shows that people are seeking an ecologically sustainable way out to lead a healthy life. A natural method, as they want to incorporate in their daily routine, can only save them from any kind of further terminal illness. Here's the one stop solution for all called Salveo Andaman Noni.

Understanding the basic health concern of people, a brilliant team of scientists have undertaken to bring in a natural source of health and energy. They introduceMorinda Citrifolia, popularly known as Noni fruit,to the general mass so that they can find the correct natural mean. The methodical supervision and processing has led to the invention of a unique dietary supplement calledAndaman Noni, a naturally composed health supplement that is made from the Noni fruitwhich is mainly grown and cultivated in the volcanic soil of Andaman region in a pollution free environment. This product plays a powerful part in rebuilding the natural immunity of the human body ensuring long term cell protection.

The fruit is enriched with all the nutrients that are essential for proper functioning of human body. Noni is a great source of energy as it helps in boosting our resistance power against multiple ailments. Besides, maintaining a consistent chronology in cell and tissue building, the supplement is also highly effective in controlling cholesterol, digestive problems and various rheumatoid problems. Being a natural form of antioxidant, Noni has also proven to be great help in relieving cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

It has been transparently reflected that the health specialists are choosingFreeze DriedNoni Powder as an important part of their health routine. Unlike Noni Juice, our supplement Salveo Andaman Noniis 100% original Noni fruit, devoid of any artificial ingredients, sweeteners and preservatives. Our product is backed by a series of clinical trials and is packed under the monitoring of qualified specialists. Hence, Noni Side Effects are quite meager in comparison to Indian Noni Juice. The most positive efforts of the scientists and experts have helped to gain this unique dietary supplement a substantial position in the health industry.

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Benefits of NONIAbout Noni

Andaman NONI

Indigenous to Southeast Asia, NONI (Morinda citrifolia) was domesticated and cultivated by Polynesians, first in Tahiti and the Marquesas, and eventually in the furthest outpost of their culture, Hawaii. Today Noni grows from Tahiti in India to Caribbean, South America and West Indies.

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