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Dengue is a rapidly spreading mosquito borne viral infection causing severe flu like illness. Every year thousands of individual are affected with the virus. The primary vector for transmission of the Dengue virus is the Aedes aegypti mosquito. It mainly dwells in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. The mosquito spreads the virus from one person to other by biting them. The mosquito can remain infected and continue transmitting the virus for its entire life.

Dengue has wide spread of clinical presentation often with unpredictable clinical evolution and outcome. After Incubation period, the illness begins abruptly and usually followed by three phases-Febrile phase, Critical Phase and Recovery phase.

Dengue Symptoms

Dengue causes self resolving Dengue fever in majority of cases, but the other symptoms are:

  • Severe headache
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Pain behind the eyes
  • Severe joint and body ache
  • Chills, Skin rash, swollen lymph nodes

These symptoms usually last for about one to two weeks with completely recovery. However in certain cases it leads to the Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever.

Another severe symptom of Dengue is the Dengue Shock Syndrome which may at times be fatal if not treated on time On serological testing, Dengue non structural protein -1(NS1) Antigen is helpful in diagnosing dengue in early phase. For treatment of Dengue fever, intravenous rehydration is the therapy of choice.

Dengue Cure: With the onslaught of Dengue, a reliable cure is the need of the hour to keep the deadly virus at bay.

NONI- A PROMISING solution to restore health:

It has been already established that the ripe Noni fruit contains a unique polysaccharide rich substance known as noni- ppt that has acts as an imunomodulator not just by boosting the immune system but by regulating it to suppress the allergic and auto allergic responses.

A four weeks Clinical trial conducted on Patients with Positive dengue cases (NS-1/Dengue IgM positive) at a renowned hospital in Mumbai has shown good clinical improvement with defervescence, improved sense of well being, substantially less body ache and head ache.

Noni prescribed with routine standard of care also showed substantial increase in Leucopenia and Thrombocytopenia and WBC and platelets recovered within 48 hrs of Noni intake.

The altered liver enzymes with blunting of appetite showed remarkable turnaround after addition of Noni dose and rapid normalization with clinical and biochemical parameters.

To conclude with,

  • Noni acts as an Imunomodulator
  • Noni improves hematopoietic immuno suppression following infection with Dengue
  • Rapid normalization with clinical and biochemical parameters.

5 Benefits Offered By NONI Fruit

  NONI is a fruit native to the tropical areas. Known by its Latin name Morinda Citrifolia. NONI is stated as a super fruit by the CBS News Report. Now according to this report, super fruits are high in antioxidants and nutritional value. The five main benefits offered by NONI fruit are:

  • Antioxidant-   According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the antioxidant properties of NONI are second to none. Antioxidants are known to neutralize rogue free radicals (oxygen molecules) that are not paired with cells and float freely through the body. These molecules otherwise mutate the healthy cells. As per the American Dietetic Association, the mutated cells lead to inflamed cells, accelerated signs of ageing and reduced immunity. They as well have the potential for cancerous growth.
  • Reduces Cancer Risks-   NONI’s effect on cancer was tested by the University of Illinois-Chicago’s College of Medicine. Scientists tested this dietary supplement on laboratory animals and monitored them for the growth of cancer DNA. The experiment showed substantial reductions in lung, heart, liver and kidney cancer formation. Researchers later tested the impact of NONI on cancer growth in smokers. Cancerous DNA was almost reduced by half in more than 200 smokers in the trial who took NONI. Both these studies therefore conclude that NONI fruit might reduce cancer risks both in smokers and non-smokers.
  • Immune Booster-   NONI is a natural immune booster. A research conducted in May 2009 showed that NONI activated dendritic cells and boosted the production of B cells that produces antibodies. NONI fruit works at the cellular level and repairs cells. This kind of boosting the adaptive immune system is significant to fighting flu and a large number of other diseases.
  • Cholesterol Reducer-  NONI is high in phenolic hydroxyl. This is an amino acid key in keeping your heart healthy. This amino acid prevents the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein which doctors call bad cholesterol. Oxidized molecules lead to arteriosclerosis that is known for plaque buildup on the walls of the arteries and restricted blood flow. A research showed that NONI fruit “exhibited remarkably strong activities” because of the concentration of amino acids.
  • Antifungal Treatment-  the acidity level of NONI makes it an effective fungus fighter. A research at the Clark Atlanta University in 2006 showed that NONI has an anti fungal effect when used in high concentrations. NONI interferes with the serum induced formation of filamentous structures in fungus known as candida albicans and inhibits potentially effective natural treatment options in the treatment of candidiasis and aspergillosis.

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